Ford Courtesy Transportation Fleet Management System

Supports the Ford Courtesy Transportation Program (CTP)

If your Ford dealership uses loaner cars, we have an affordable and easy to use solution for you. ARSLoaner has developed a web based solution for our Ford customers that conforms to the exact specifications of the Ford Courtesy Transportation Program.

  • Saves/stores customer information
  • Tracks vehicle, customer, rental and edit-history data
  • Prints official PDP loaner agreements on plain paper
  • Complete audit trail for painless manufacturer audits
  • Free 30 day trial, no setup fee, user fee or contract!
  • Paperless mobile write up with digital signature capture
  • Reduces length of loan via overdue alerts
  • Track vehicle damage by rental
  • Reservation system
  • Split billing - charging a rental to different departments and reimbursement types
  • A robust reporting dashboard with charts, graphs and reports to track your fleet performance

The ARS loaner car system tracks all activity so no more manual tracking in spreadsheets or filling out paper rental forms by hand. ARSLoaner is authorized to print the official and required Ford forms. Our solution is tailored specifically to how the Ford Motor Company runs its loaner car program. The ARS system will help Ford dealers manage their loaner cars based on the time and mileage requirements established by the manufacturer.

The new Ford-specific system will notify dealers when cars should be moved in and out service and allow them to track all loaner car mileage by activity type. The new system will help your dealership better understand and utilize the Ford Courtesy Transportation Program, print the required PDP1 insurance forms, and adhere to the reporting requirements for using Ford courtesy cars. With our Express Setup we can have your dealership up and running in less than 2 hours.

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