Mercedes Benz Courtesy Vehicle Fleet Management System

Cut your current fleet management software costs by up to 50%

ARSLoaner can now provide loaner vehicle software to any Mercedes Benz dealer in the US and Canada. ARSloaner prints the official insurance forms for the Mercedes Benz Courtesy Vehicle Program (CVP) and can save Mercedes Benz dealers up to 50% or more off their current fleet management software. This cost savings is provided while also bringing dealers a more user friendly and configurable system that works the way our dealers work. If your Mercedes Benz dealership uses loaner vehicles, we have an affordable and easy to use solution designed just for Mercedes Benz. ARSLoaner has developed a web based solution for our Mercedes Benz customers that conforms to the exact specifications of the Mercedes Benz CVP. The ARSloaner system keeps all forms up to date to ensure your claims are submitted on the correct and most recent form for your state. This helps speed your insurance claim in case of an issue with any vehicle in your loaner fleet.

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  • Prints Arrowhead insurance forms for the dealers who have this insurance
  • Prints a custom CVP form for dealers not in the Arrowhead insurance program
  • GPS/Telematics Enabled - track your loaners with our fleet mapping system
  • Saves/stores customer information
  • Tracks vehicle, customer, rental and edit-history data
  • Complete audit trail for painless manufacturer audits
  • 100% Paperless mobile write up with digital signature capture
  • Scan driver's license - auto completes forms
  • Capture damage photos by rental
  • Captures insurance card photos
  • Save and securely store credit cards (Fully PCI Compliant)
  • Reservation system
  • Split billing - charging a rental to different departments and reimbursement types
  • A robust reporting dashboard with charts, graphs and reports to track your fleet performance

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